Warsaw Summit Experts' Forum

Nato in defence of peace: 2016 and beyond

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Michelle Barsa
Institute for Inclusive Security
As Inclusive Security’s Deputy Director for Policy and Conflict Programs, Michelle Barsa focuses on expanding the roles of women in peace and security processes globally. In addition to advising on broader US foreign policy related to women, peace, and security, she oversees Inclusive Security’s programming in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, and South Sudan. Ms. Barsa travels frequently to Afghanistan and the Syrian border where she leads consultations with women in civil society, government, and the security forces to discuss the impact of ongoing peace and security processes on women and identify their proposals for how to advance women’s inclusion in those processes. Ms. Barsa regularly advises the US government, UN, and NATO on how to improve the effectiveness of security assistance provided to partner nations. Previously, Ms. Barsa worked in Afghanistan as an emergency program manager with Catholic Relief Services. Prior to that, she was employed in CRS’s Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza office and by the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan.
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